We are aware of the fact that the for majority of clients, it is difficult to overcome the uncertainty and fear of contact with professional legal advisors. Many clients may hesitate to make a decision to request the assistance of a lawyer.

We provide comprehensive legal services to corporations as well as individual clients. We provide ad hoc legal advisory services, as well as a permanent service in the scope agreed with the client and our priority and motto is to understand the client and his problems.

As a result of many years of experience in providing legal services to businesses and entrepreneurs we specialize in building and construction law, commerce and trade laws, as well as court representation in relation to these specialties

We can boast of our skills in litigation of insurance companies, debt collection and all  litigation related to real estate. (prescription, easement, establishing the legal status of the property, the conversion of land disputes between landlords and tenants or leaseholders). We also provide professional help in personal matters (inheritances, donations, divorce, division of property).

For our clients, our law firm will prepare all kinds of contracts and will help in negotiating their terms and conditions. The law firm also helps in tax matters by presenting acceptable optimization solutions, as well as representing the Client in any tax disputes with the tax authorities.

We also provide service in full scope of the criminal law, including tax crimes and all violations. We represent clients at all stages of the proceedings, including representation in court.